A discreetly modern design studio.
We create shapes that are subtle, but never simple.

With great heritage comes great responsibility.

With a deepfelt respect for our Scandinavian design heritage and the masters heralding it, we create for a diverse and democratic future where good design is both accessible and aesthetic.

We design for the contemporary and confident individual who understands that we all hold a great responsibility for a kind and sustainable future. 

Progression isn’t linear.

We’ve been friends since 3rd grade, and since childhood, we’ve been inspired by the understated functionality of Danish design in general - and watches in particular.

In December 2016, we decided to quit our safe jobs and launch our own design studio, believing that innovative contemporary design should be imbued in everything from architecture to accessories.

It is a privilege for us to be part of a generation raised with iconic design.
However, we are very aware of the shadows falling upon us from an era dominated by well-off old white men.

Thus, we are contributing to a new chapter of dynamic design that simultaneously reinvents itself while paying homage to heritage.

Avoiding the irrelevant, emphasising the important.

Our goal for starting out with designing a wristwatch was simple: We wanted to pair subtle and iconic Danish design with a powerful Swiss parts movement in a watch that would be accessible to most people.

We decided to extend the minimalist design principle beyond the watch aesthetic to our production process.

So, prior to our launch, we spent two years designing every single, nerdy detail of the Absalon Collection while ensuring that all unnecessary, costly links had been cut out of our supply chain.