Leather Color: Matte Black

Width: 16 mm (fits our 35 mm watches) or 18 mm (fits our 37 mm and 39 mm watches)
Length (16 mm): 105 x 70 mm (fits wrists with a circuit of 140 - 200 mm)
Length (18 mm): 115 x 80 mm (fits wrists with a circuit of 165 - 220 mm) 

┃ Genuine Calf Leather
┃ 316L Stainless Steel Buckle
┃ Enforced Stitching
┃ Waxed Side Edge
┃ No-Tool Strap Change System

A transformative piece that allows your watch to rise to every occasion and complete any outfit. 
This flat calf leather strap in matte black has waxed side edges for enhanced durability and a soft suede underside for maximum comfort. Set with a 316L stainless steel buckle that adapts the watch to your size and chosen fit. 
Easy interchangeability ensures quick customisation of the look of your watch, all by the click of a finger and without the use of tool.
Every little detail is designed in Copenhagen and assembled by hand.