A41 - Black | Black | Black Bundle

1.850,00 kr 2.000,00 kr



1 x A41 - Black | Black Watch (41 mm)
1 x Black Padded Leather Strap (20 mm)
1 x Brown Padded Leather Strap (20 mm)
1 x Black Leather Watch Roll

The Absalon Collection 41mm Black | Black | Black design is classic. 

A deep sunburst black 41 mm dial is enclosed by crystal glass and complemented by a sandblaster black stainless steel case. The design is balanced by a sleek matte black calf leather strap that is easily interchangeable. Designed in Copenhagen and assembled by hand.

An interchangeable brown calf leather strap is included in this bundle to cater to the black dial’s versatile appeal.

The black leather watch roll protects the watch and other small accessories during periods of travel and collects them when at home. 

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