Grundtvig’s Church

350.00 kr


Available in 50 x 70 cm or 70 x 100 cm (Frame is not included)


 Satin Polypropylene Foil
Finish: "Iridescent Pearl"
Weight: 170 gsm

Multitalented architect Zane Kraujina has created a collection of original illustrations that are abstract celebrations of LARSEN & ERIKSEN’s hometown of Copenhagen.
Each artwork geometrically represents an elemental landmark and feature of the urban scene of the Danish capital. Some are the city icons known to outsiders, others are the hidden symbols that speak to an insider’s sense of place.
The meditative rhythms of each graphic are printed on iridescent paper to underline the metallic tone sampled from LARSEN & ERIKSEN’s unique watch designs.
This illustration’s three triangles represent the gable of Grundtvig’s Church in Copenhagen’s Bispebjerg neighborhood. A beautiful and monumental architectural masterpiece built between 1921 and 1940 - finished by renowned Danish architect Kaare Klint.
When filtered through this graphic’s poetic shapes and soft monochrome, the warm ambience of the space - hidden within the gothic structure - is brought to the foreground.
The repetitive geometry of the illustration appropriates the church’s echo.

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