Look Up

350.00 kr


Available in 50 x 70 cm or 70 x 100 cm (Frame not included)


 Satin Polypropylene Foil
Finish: "Iridescent Pearl"
Weight: 170 gsm

This collection of photographic posters from LARSEN & ERIKSEN’s talented collaborators pays homage to the architecture and lifestyle of Copenhagen and its surroundings.
These shots are printed on iridescent paper making the photographic motifs come alive from different angles. The wall décor series is a restrained tribute to the well-tempered interplay between nature and structure that the Danish capital has harnessed.
Each captured scene articulates the sense of place that is also imbued in LARSEN & ERIKSEN’s unique watch designs.
Attention to detail, clean lines, minimalism.
This photo is so simple, yet so many words bottle up to describe it. Its segmented slant exposes what the beauty of the often overlooked when it is captured by the right angle.
The building’s lines bring the expansive Danish sky inside a frame - promoting a renewed and artistic appreciation of what is always there.

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