Watch Glossary: The LARSEN & ERIKSEN Lexicon

Watch Glossary: The LARSEN & ERIKSEN Lexicon

Become fluent in the minimalist accessory

What does Swiss Quartz Movement mean? Does water resistant mean it’s safe to wear while spelunking? Do you want an engraved or printed watch dial?

This watch glossary helps answer these questions and give you the information to articulate what’s on your wrist and why you like it so much.

You’ll see that there’s much more to admire in a LARSEN & ERIKSEN watch inside the case.


Aktiv: Aktiv is our take on the ultimate minimalist everyday watch, in which we have fused the aesthetics of a thin dress watch with the functionality of a durable dive watch. With its thickness of only 8.5 mm, it is one of the thinnest dive watches ever produced.

Adjustable buckle: The mechanism that opens and closes to fasten the watch. These are adjustable to your wrist size and favored fit. LARSEN & ERIKSEN watches have a small homage to Copenhagen cycling lifestyle engraved on their buckles.

Analog Watch: A watch that displays a 12-hour (there are few examples of 24-hour) time span and is indicated by hands moving around the dial.

Balance: The wheel that is the regulator of a mechanical watch, governing the precision. It rotates back and forth on an axle driven by the coiling and uncoiling of the balance spring.

Case back: The underside of the watch case that lays flat against the wrist skin. Concealed on the case back of LARSEN & ERIKSEN watches are engraved silhouettes of Denmark.

Case: The metal that encases the watch machinations. LARSEN & ERIKSEN use a stainless steel case in deep sandblasted black, autumnal brushed copper, pristine brushed silver or shiny or matte gold.

Crown: The button on the outside of the watch case that sets and adjusts the time.

Crystal: The transparent cover of the watch face. LARSEN & ERIKSEN watches use a flat 1mm thick scratchproof sapphire crystal glass that is durable to scratches and impact.

Dial: Located on the watch face, this is the surface where the numbers, indices and brand name are printed or engraved. Available at LARSEN & ERIKSEN in polished white, sunburst silver, sunburst black, sunburst gold and sunburst copper.

Diameter: The size of the watch face. LARSEN & ERIKSEN offer designs at 33 to 45 mm.

Evolution: A minimalist but outspoken depiction of the evolution of time. With its intuitive design, Evolution functions as a support to understanding and appreciating time as it progresses throughout the day.

Face: The visible side of the watch including the case that encompasses the watch dial.

Holistik: With just one hand, making a lap around the dial in 24 hours, Holistik changes the perception of time. The design structures the day in a simple yet holistic overview, which allows for time to be more of a notion than a meticulous stress factor.

Kvadrat: With its straight lines and edges, Kvadrat concludes a distinct square shape blending Art Deco and Minimalism. The sleek, geometric design is supported by an advanced case construction featuring an integrated strap.

Minimalism: A school of thought in design that encourages simplicity and sparseness in content and color across aesthetic industries.

Movement: The inner mechanism of the watch that keeps the time and moves the hands of the watch.

Quartz Movement: A watch technology that utilises the vibrations of a tiny crystal to maintain precision. This enables the watch to keep time without being manually wound.

Ronda: A renowned Swiss movement manufacturer established in 1946.

Scandinavian 50s: The 1950s is widely regarded as the Golden Age of Scandinavian design. The now classic pieces from designers like Arne Jacobson and Kaare Klint are icons of functional, democratic and natural design. Read more about the Scandinavian design principals here.

Skala: Skala is our take on a minimalist yet unorthodox watch with numbers. Balancing between being both artsy and readable, the design adds a new and more functional dimension to our assortment.

Stainless steel: A strong metal alloy that rarely rusts or discolours. This durability makes it the perfect material for watch cases. LARSEN & ERIKSEN use stainless steel at grade 316L that is corrosion resistant and suitable for day-to-day impacts.

Strap: The straps of the watch that allow it to be fastened to the wrist - often made of leather or metal.

Swiss Movement: A movement made by a Swiss movement manufacturer.

Water Resistant: Indicates that the watch can withstand moisture. LARSEN & ERIKSEN watches have a minimum of 5ATM level of protection so are unaffected by rain, hand washing and light exposure to water.

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