A Continuous Collaboration

Back in 2015, when we were drawing and conceptualizing what ended up becoming LARSEN & ERIKSEN, our biggest dream - yet seeming very unrealistic at that point - was to have our designs represented at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

To us, MoMA has always been the epitome of art, design and diversity. Therefore, it was quite surreal when MoMA reached out in early 2020, wanting us to create two new designs of our Numbers collection - Number 4 and Number 5 - for exclusive availability at the MoMA Design Store in New York and Tokyo.

Apparently, dreams do come true sometimes.




Following a successful - and completely sold-out - first collaboration, MoMA expressed their interest in featuring one of our in-house collections (Numbers is a collaboration with New York-based Poulsen Projects).

Thus, we designed a new collection - named Evolution - which we launched at MoMA in august 2021.

Evolution instantly became a bestseller and a prime testament to our vision of practising unortohodox minimalism.

Our most recent collaboration with MoMA is Kvadrat - our first ever squared watch.

With its straight lines and edges - and a highly advanced case construction - Kvadrat started out as a very unique project, handpicked by MoMA.

Initially, it was only available through the MoMA Design Stores in New York and Tokyo. However, in May 2023, we decided to introduce Kvadrat as a permanent collection consisting of three different colorways (which can be explored here).