We don’t want to be indebted to the planet, so we aim to give more than we take. Stemming from the belief that many a little makes a mickle, we do everything we can to protect our playground, e.g. by walking or biking to work, recycling all cardboard boxes sent to us, sorting our waste thoroughly, minimizing printing, and using FSC approved paper sources.

Furthermore, we’ve decided to go fully CO2 neutral in both our design- and production process. As you can see from the video, we’ve done this by partnering with CHOOOSE.

CHOOOSE reduce CO2 by pooling all the funds from their members, and then using these funds to buy carbon credits directly from hand-picked projects in developing countries. All projects supported by CHOOOSE are UN verified green projects with Gold Standard verification - the strictest and highest standard within the carbon credit system. For a project to qualify, it needs to have a documented CO2 reducing effect, e.g. by replacing coal and oil by building renewable energy sources like wind or solar farms.

All emission reducing projects supported by CHOOOSE correspond to at least three of the UN Sustainable Developments Goals and provide clean power and other benefits such as new jobs, improved sanitary conditions and clean water for the local community.

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