All LARSEN & ERIKSEN watches are either "Water Resistant 3ATM" or "Water Resistant 5ATM". As a rule of thumb, this means that they are resistant to a maximum of rain and splashes of water. Please note that "Water Resistant" does not mean that our watches are waterproof. Thus, we highly recommended to avoid putting our watches in contact with moving water.

This includes not using our watches when swimming, showering and/or bathing as this can lead to water damage which will not be covered by the warranty.

Also, we highly recommend not to wear/leave our watches in a shower, sauna or hot bathroom as the heat can cause the metal components to expand at a different rate to the rubber gaskets. This can create tiny openings between the case and the mineral crystal that - by time - can allow water droplets to penetrate the watch.

All of our watches come with a push-down crown (the round "thing" on the right side of the watch by which you set the time). After unpacking your new LARSEN & ERIKSEN watch, please ensure that the crown is fully pushed down at all times. If the crown is not fully pushed down, this can expose the watch to water damage which will not be covered by the warranty. 

Should water or condensation appear in the watch, have the watch checked by a certified watch technician or dealer immediately, as water can irreparably damage the watch components.



LARSEN & ERIKSEN watches are designed and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of normal, everyday use with a focus on fashion and style usage rather than sports and active usage.

In case of the need for repairs, service and/or battery replacement, please do not attempt to open the watch nor to remove the caseback. Any and all work required, including battery replacement, must be carried out by a certified watch technician or dealer - otherwise, the warranty will instantly become void.